Sunday, November 28, 2010


dear me,

Remember those days? those days when we could stay charged up the whole day. those were the days of invincibility. when we could do whatever we wanted. i can't get it anymore. my once ago passion has been sapping me dry now i don't feel whole anymore. all i wanted was for march to come quickly again.

dear me, i've been called defiant and unfilial too one time too much. does your dream cause you so much? i don't know about your judgment but i still think it is worth it. next year is the year of harvest and too those of the insult. let me take a break so that i could continue holding me up. i couldn't afford anyone putting me together. i don't want part of my heart to be so far away from me anymore.

dear me, how could i loathe and love myself so much. what paradox. fetch me from faraway.

crestfallen me
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