Wednesday, June 16, 2010

where do you stand in the battle of the mind?

when people say you can't, it just go to reflect the incapability of their mind.
"you can't" is just a way of phrasing, i am afraid and i can't, so you should be too.
sometimes all they need is somebody to show them what everyone is entitled to do.
the freedom of mind, the joy of wander, the boundless possibilities in our limited life.

they are reckless and ruthless in a mental kind of way. spite don't serve anyone except anger. what crap they are.

why is it people deem it right to live life with regrets instead of wanting and creating something great for themselves? they never admit it but so it seems to me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

to hell with this scientific life

i just hate the way they talk like they know what is best for you. just like that. as if money is directly proportional to happiness. thats what they think. just like that. truth is relative. truth is just perspective of individuals. to hell with all their ideas.

they could never break me down, not a particle, not a molecule. they could never hold me down, not a fledgling. i will take off, someday, somehow to show them the flight, the flight of my truth.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

wedding dinner. relatives. objections.

they say so like i didn't know i have other choices.
they make it sounds like i was wearing blinkers.
they didn't know, i wasn't blind and i wasn't oblivious.
i was looking around but they, in reality, are the ones who could only see what lies ahead.

what i think is that they couldn't achieve what they want and they are pushing it unto me, to shoulder their responsibilities. i couldn't be a shadow and they aren't the light. if i had to, i will crawl across this earth in the dark, at least so it appears to them.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

is it really worth being busy over it?

if they could all understand, time is just a perspective
although we are able to clock it down to the very milliseconds, time is still subjective.
the eternal suffering and the fleeting joy. cliche as it seems, the truth is such.
cause we as mere mortals try so hard to make sense of everything,
so hard and so much that it kills the wonders of the world.

they will never be able to understand, even if i were to show them, shove the truth right under their upturned nose. they could not or rather they would never pick it up.