Monday, April 26, 2010

failed to impress

i wish i would not screw up but it seems like the more i try to avoid mistakes, the more frequent they appear.

just the plain old slow me. today my bicycle just skidded. talk about stupidity huh.

though all said and done, i will still hang on cause theres my pride to protect.

if only i could live up to expectations.

i wish i could be smarter
i wish i could perform better
i wish i have more excitement and achievements in life
i wish i am more well-read
i wish i did not waste all this time
i wish i am not of such a contradictory nature

they used to assure me about wishing upon a wishing star
the good things in life, they are not that far if we still hold on to our so called "childishness"
when we grow, we argue in the name of science but look where we are
cynics and skeptics
some just couldn't accept the best things in life need no reasoning
the never ending why, if you were to ask me
though there will be this occasional self-debilitating, i still love who i am
this love-hate feeling
i will stay happy and take things one step at a time
not gonna stop right now

goodness, i don't even know what the hell i am writing now.

Friday, April 9, 2010

reliving childhood

cycling in the storm, i probably look crazy. drenched, soaked to the very last fiber of my clothes. the water lashed at me, fighting for a foothold on my glasses, clouding my vision. gravitational force in cahoots with those angled slope. still, these obstacles lie effectively harmlessly and this moment feels so liberating.

don't worry even if i am always getting lost. believe me that i'm on my way now.

cycled from tampines to japanese cemetery~ whee!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

we are all running in different directions

they are all out there and not coming back. this has always been the way. but this time round, i gonna chase after them, regardless whatsoever. it will be my last sprint and there wouldn't be any faltering. not anymore.