Thursday, November 25, 2010

Malinger: (v) to avoid work by pretending to be ill

Phantasmagoria: (n) a confused, changing strange scene like something from a dream

Martinet: (n) someone who is very strict and makes people obey rules exactly

Jaunt: (n) a short journey for pleasure

Maelstrom: (n) 1. a situation full of uncontrollable events or strong emotions that make people feel weak or frightened 2. a violent storm 

Ignoramus: (n) someone who does not know about things that most people know about

Ignoble: (adj) ignoble thoughts, feelings, or actions are ones that you should feel ashamed or embarrassed about

Cavalier:: (adj) not caring or thinking about other people's feeling

Somnambulist: (noun) someone who walks while they are asleep

Viscous: (adj) a viscous liquid is thick and sticky and does not flow easily

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