Thursday, November 18, 2010

choo choo out.

joy to the passion. however truth shatters it when all set to the disfigurement of history.

there is no concealing of disappointment as all was brought to surface. 'didn't i tell you this will happen?' come forth to me. for now, civilization is a place where nothing lives forever. no one man, no one act, no one thing wouldn't suffer the fate of time.

i have lose all hope but nature says to me, 'don't be despair cause love is what matters.'

it then goes on 'let me show you through the miracles of my making that there is abundance of joy in your this limited lifespan. hearken, for i use the language of old love. there is no other time too great except the time of yours. i have painstakingly created an unique you. listen within and find your passion. feel the waves of your curves taking flight in the fluidity of this world. take care that you could for i have blessed each and every of you. don't feel desolate and think that i have abandon you when things don't seem right. my love for you come in two halves -one of the blooming, the other of the dying- so as to make everything a whole. this isn't a romance story you could grapple but take heart and have faith in yourself. you are the one i have loved and pardon my love if at time it is cruel. truth is it is necessity at work. they are all here for your growth. do not lament for any of your loss but learn well the lessons we render'


things just go away so quickly after they are devalue. i just hope state land doesn't mean waste land.
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