Saturday, November 6, 2010

random thoughts

I am consumed by the gargoyle bravery.
Sinfully, Adamantly, Lackadaisically and Paradoxically,
Like the
Gypsyful town that do no good
within walls.
The evil priest that
preaches righteousness
The lightful night that got
shattered by fiery war
The ingrate savior
The innocent spy
The knight in hideous hide
The beauty and the beast
So and so much more
True ugliness reside in one resentful heart
But Beauty thrives microscopically

-thoughts on notre dame. haha. though i don't really understand what i am trying to say. but words just flow out.

when a dew drops on its ninety-ninth,
would it still not ponder about
the way of life.
to be a dew, for what its worth
its short period on earth.
only seen at dawn when even
birds have yet to stirred

if you ask a dew for what its worth
the mystical and persistent
it might say the way of life is carried
forth by the simplest term
and that is all is worth.


when thought wasn't given to the science of night.
moonlight, twilight, dusk and dawn
which of them hold the darkest secret of them all?
which of them hide shadows
lurking and corners vanishing?
operations of the night,
stealthily and cunningly,
someone stole her body,
and stow it awry.
even till today, she doesn't
belong for her mind reside
somewhere in that night.

somebody propose at the zoo today. so sweet.
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