Friday, November 12, 2010

the curious and curious-est.

i once heard a story so curious its atrocious not to share. For this revolves around two interesting creatures, a ferret and a squirrel.

on this curious day, cry the ferret, 'oh my little brother, what Time has done? you are so weathered in bruises, i shan't let harm come your way anymore.'

just as he ended his monologue, he fell asleep, hugging his little brother close, for fear of evil creeping close to it. it was then, this squirrel, notoriously known as skittles, aptly named for his boundless energy and mischief, stood close by.

'i shall live up to my name,' the squirrel thought aloud, spreading a contemptuous glance across his face.

now, now, now, everybody knows the ferret treasured his little brother so and all heard of how easily the little brother had been victimized. this will be an easy strike, the squirrel contemplated. and there he went, for a body so small, the squirrel packed a fierce bite upfront. this strike off the sleepiness of the dear ferret. screams and shrieks from the ferret only enhances the perverseness of the squirrel, who hanged tight with the excitement of a sword unsheathed close to the neck. it almost caused fatality had not the ferret's little brother wriggle from his vindictive holder.

hearing trouble, the squirrel lightning away, for his four limbs were blessed by the mischief god to flee from all the scenes of devilry. the sweet little ferret was too in no mood for vengeance.

he simply stood there, clutching his little brother's head so close, lamenting, 'oh Time, what cruelty you are, you played us out too a-many time yet we never have defied you. to slacken the grip you must. come see for yourself, my little brother's head so covered in scarlet, the trace of your vicious claws. you must not take him away, your generosity i will praise for generations to come. however, if you were of a cruel nature, i will not take any more allowance from you.'

Time is a nihilist, for there is nothing to Time that could exist perpetually and consistently like Time itself. its the ultimate machinery that nobody could fight, one could deceive oneself of the flow of Time but never deceive Time itself. Time never hasten, never pause, it goes and goes till the end of world.

still, Time will answer those who question about the nature of Time, 'oh little one, could you not see that i have work of higher importance than the one you are carrying? his time is not up but be warned that when he is to go, so will it be for you. this is no less and no more than you wish for. and know that it is not the wrath of time that shattered your soul but merely the work of it. for time knows no emotions. it could not feel thus it couldn't be merciful or merciless. this is the important lesson of time. learn it well, my young one, for i have persisted decades and still be misunderstood. know that Time is just, i distribute myself fairly and accordingly among all creatures, big and small, everyday, light and night. don't have woes of me when your Time is up, for it is really you who do not cherish the gift i have lavished and illusioned that you could outlive me. know this well and learn it by heart for this is the story you will live to tell.'

so, this is the tale that i heard from the ferret himself.

alright, i am writing nonsense again. don't know whats up with me this few days but this story is really inspired by a true story. i swear!

i guess too much of arabian nights and alice in wonderland in my mind!
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