Monday, November 15, 2010

its too much.

how could you, when we put our trust on your knowledge. you didn't abide by the ethics that you took an oath for. you didn't do what you could. a life so small just didn't matter to you isn't it. its just like a replica of the dozens over that you see on the street. but you are cruel even if you head the morally sound. you couldn't drop your ego, the burden of your ignorance. just let it be. your pretense of concern. drop it. we could see through your reluctance when you pass the death verdict. just a bit of this sweet tonic could revive his weakest link. that is all he needed, yet you are such an adroit illusionist. there's no hope, i seen this scene one too many a time, when he got to go, he got to go, don't let him suffer any more, you comforted us. its just like us human to hasten what the nature bring, to accelerate the outcome. so much for that. you disappoint us all.
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