Wednesday, December 8, 2010

to catch the passing wind of my love

between rigid lines i stood. 
steer me close or leave 
me be. 
i couldn't trace 
my steps 
anymore. not the little girl
that squeals 
approval. i've grown past that. 
a sad fact, yes i know,
in barely a year, i couldn't
walk this path 
new exposure, 
i demand,
new experience, give it 
to me or i will snatch.

we used to be
such a great team, 
the heydays, when
is so happy.
the days 
when i proudly claim 
i came 
for the passion. yet now, 
i am just plain 
calculative. 'the pay 
is not high, how could i
survive? with bills 
not paid and tickets to my dream 
not purchased, 
how could i 
afford to stay 
with this meager pay.

my goodness, i claim 
in realization. 
people are leaving 
slowly but surely, 
to follow their dreams,
and to carve
a better love. 

with choices in abundance, 
this is not living 
in wild abandonment.
its not just 
going through the motions,
its about liberation
from the steel bars 
of my mind. 
through the waves of protest,
or yelps of exultation, i will 
subsist, in those days 
to come.
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