Monday, December 6, 2010

breadtalk-X ducktour-X recruit express-? lucas-?

i set afoot with the sun beaming overhead, with my mood reflected high up in the sky
of the most pleasant shade of blue and clouds with their wide array of tutus
strutting the slow dance of life.
full of hope and feel of invincibility i
gait two steps as one, eager to reach, dying to please.

little did i know i was walking
straight to disappointment by my delusions.
"just 2 months?" they appalled
"what is worthy enough of you? nothing at all." they insinuate.

its all so diplomatic, thinking that i would thrive
on such false hope. 
"thank you very much". for showing me the true
 nature of myself.
2 months aren't enough
for me to be of any good use.

first time. second time. me. just another fellow.
i return with a trudge, defeated like the mood
of the grey
that cries raindrops.

i need my dubious change. it wasn't so
clear at first but now it is.
give it to me. not an escapade. not a betrayal,
just a goodbye brought earlier.

i'm still sorry.
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