Saturday, December 18, 2010

the impish cat

so thats what it is all about.
an act of love in exchange for a bite and a scratch.
but you didn't leave it deep despite your frustration.
i know how it is, to live
in a cage. bored stiffed.
only with companions and nothing much
to do. nibbling and chewing.
fabrics, paper, and gunny sack.
whichever is to your preference.

perhaps that is all for the departure and the neglect.
all the confusion and decision.
maybe you don't know though i believed animals
know beforehand and are intellectual. spiritual even.
the books i read, they show nothing less.
i still love you. i really do.
i crave to bring you home and lie snugly beside.
you will be a great friend, a lap cat.
nothing more that i could wish for.

but i can't. this goodbye will take a little while.
but never a while enough.
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