Wednesday, January 12, 2011

first place on my map

in another 24 hours, i will be in the airport. 6 more hours to that, i will reach Philippines. add a day or so, i be enjoying the island, deep down under the sea, 18m and in the dark. thrilling. creatures of the dark and 18 m under. how many people could proudly claim that? ok. probably a lot. it will be the start of my journey. my true journey. since graduation, i always dream of being a freelancer, breaking the 9-5. not being a monkey in a cubicle prisoner. nimble limbs being shackled, with just 90 cm2 moving space. Earth, Terra, total surface area of 510,072,000 km2. The land surface area, even at a small percentage of 29.2%, makes up 148,940,000 km2. 148,940,000 km2 vs 90cm2. isn't it obvious what i will choose? when you confined yourself in a smaller area, you don't get yourself moving. if instead you were given even 10 km2, i believe you would just go wild.

13th to 18th. not exactly a long break just a short getaway. give myself time to rethink about my path. now, i am presented with this opportunity. To take it, i probably have to give up on my full 6 months travel in NZ. i'm still going even if it just a month. i'm still going to set up an earning blog. i'm still moving towards my dreams.  i'm not giving up, just being spontaneous. thats the beauty of one way ticket. you don't give yourself deadlines, you don't give yourself any restrictions, you don't have to be stunned by changes. no, i am not over-glorifying things. i am looking into my account and shaking my head. however in the next few months, i am going to fill it in with perseverance and passion. two things at a time. call me greedy, call me insane but i will prove it to you guys that it works.

till then, i would just take this break to rethink about my journey. enjoy life and perhaps fall in love screaming, "Maganda Puerto Galera! Mahal kita"
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