Thursday, January 6, 2011

a better organisation

i guess it is time that priorities shift.

i couldn't exchange more of my time for money anymore. i couldn't foresee myself down the road this way in the next few years. i have never been able to strive on uniformity. i could not survive under the hierarchy of organization. that much i know. to me, its just not ethical that the top dogs are earning all the money and paying the workers peanuts. its just like the scenario of those big companies setting up a base in the third world countries. its selfish, organisation like this. thats how everybody get trap in the poverty cycle, nobody could ever generate enough income to be self sustainable.

now that situation permits me to have a glimpse to a money spinning way, i have taken the leap. i have no idea if i will continue falling or be given solid ground to step on. perhaps, better still, i will be given wings. sometimes in life, we have to make a decision like this, to outperform ourselves. i have faith in myself that i will be able to achieve prosperity.

imagine having the financial power to do whatever you like. to achieve control. to reach retirement by the age of 30. i am still young, i got to fight it out. this is not just a greenhorn speaking out loud about life and its pipe dreams. its about youth, vigor and energy painting out a glamorous future. i hope this much determination could bring me to a greater height and making my parents proud. its possible.
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