Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a little insight about motivation

they all came and realise it is is not that easy. of course it is not that easy. what do they expect life to be? without challenges, all so smooth flowing, that would be a bland life wouldn't it-everything going your way? there bound to be restrictions. brick walls are there to differentiate the ones who really want it from those that just simply hope they were lucky enough to pass through. no denial luck do play a part.

i am not going to stop here, facing this huge wall you place nonchalantly. bruises, cut and blood all over me. i have come this far. people are amazed, i know i can continue to push myself to a greater height. dreams are sacred but not esoteric. dreams are meant to be fulfilled and not forgotten in the silence of the day. so much i have said, but i still see regrets among others rising. everything, every decision, there is a lesson to be learned, there are no regrets, just detour in my life. long paths taken but i won't think about the road not tread. trail blazer, no perhaps not that unique. i just hate to follow suit.

people say i am motivated but little did they know how impress i am by their choice of lifestyle. to be able to survive in a monotonous dread, a mundane life. i would never be able to pull that off. an average human seeks for new expeiences. i really admire those who could live their days an exact replica to the other days. they are extraordinary.

if you do something you love, it just takes very little motivation as you are intrinsically driven. however, if you are doing something you hate, i believe it take more motivation as you feel dejected constantly. so now could you see who is the superhuman now? its actually the conformist themselves, with their steel will and mind. they have the strength to disagree and turn back from their inner self in order to receive adulation from others. i never find myself succumbing to that.

i have to confess. forgive me for being so weak. i couldn't resist my inner voice, or call it temptations if it makes you feel better. perhaps, i am motivate by selfishness. i am sorry.

i forgive myself, i hope you do too. 
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