Monday, January 3, 2011

2011. are you going to make it different from 2010?

A new year. a great start. new dreams. continuation of plans. 2011 spells a great year of opportunity for me. changes have occurred and i called that growth. i'm on a trajectory, whereby hopefully i would end on the intended place. even if i don't. it would be a good life experience.


just before the year end, the interviewee looked at my results and offhandedly claimed, you are a brilliant young girl, aren't you. i sneered. merits, they termed it.

i am by no mean brilliant, and no amount of grades could testify against it. no i am not ridiculing the education system. i always believe if you find your way to study and work hard at it, you bound to get good results. of course there are geniuses in this world who is just born with more gray matter. but if you belong to the same group as me, the average person with average number of gray matter. imagine this, each day you wake up and study, sleep. wake up and study. sleep. don't tell me all the information is not going to get inside your head. it will go inside. trust me. and viola. you will get good results the next semester. the only variable is probably your talent. but talent without hard-work is not going further than hard-work without talent. i believe talent only shorten the time duration needed. all and all, it still take around 10,000 (or is it 100,000?) hours to master something.

it is wrong for our society to place people in forms of grade. however that is the easiest measurable way to do it. people are always looking for short cuts. you could be in some scholarship list yet commit adultery or child porn as long as you are smart enough to keep it under wraps. people are born to be different, they still don't realise how grave it is to categorise people using this one system. we are not a string that could be measured just by stretching ourselves against a ruler.

some of us are born to be artists, some athletics, some dancers, some models, some designers, some psychics and others to so many more than my imagination could cook up.  but education has to put us into a box claiming, "oh, this is to be a scientist, a businessman, an accountant, or worse, a lowly-wage worker." nobody wants that. to be jeered at for their life choice. even if you are going to make a breakthrough, you are bound to pass by this stage of ostracizing and being scorned at. there used to be this period of time whereby scientist that name animals and giving them a personality is being termed as moron (or some what likely). but see how the mentality shifted? from basic instinct, non-thinking moving organism to feeling and thinking animals that have a heart and even more developed senses (the sixth sense) than human. and some even believe that animals are more connected to the world. i am a supporter of this belief.

visualize this, the optimum world with a balanced and holistic education in opposition to our suppressed, grades revolving, limited view education. which one do you prefer? its a long way to the former but i believe things will take a better turn.

i don't want any more labels. i want people to see me as a special entity and respect my decision like how i do with others. the right and wrong of one (as long as it doesn't hurt another person physically) could only be judged by themselves.
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