Thursday, July 1, 2010

i dream a dream

1. Backpack south east asia
2. Work at a farm in Australia
3. Going to the safari of Africa
4. Learning to cook
5. Setting up a food stall/restaurant overseas
6. Write an inspiring blog
7. Find a way to travel-work
8. Become a photographer
9. Getting a degree in social science or animal related
10. Setting up an online business that will reach out to people from all over the world
11. Building a house or something similar
12. Have a pet
13. Be invited to give an inspirational speech
14. Be featured on a magazine or tv
15. Jeep-ing through desert
16. Exploring the outback of Australia
17. Draw with pastel or any other medium
18. Climb mt everest
19. Dive in the world best dive site
20. Feed a shark
21. Learning to dive
22. Meet dalai lama to discuss about the meaning of life
23. Backpack india
24. Bungee jumping
25. Sky diving
26. Paragliding
27. Banana boat
28. Cliff jumping
29. White water rafting
30. Work in another country for at least half a year
31. Get tefl certification
32. Volunteer oversea
33. Write a book
34. Learn guitar
35. Learn at least one form of dancing
36. Go to Taiwan
37. Go to gold coast
38. Carpenter
39. Get a motor bike license
40. Own a motor bike
41. Bike through the hectic traffic of Thailand
42. Milk a cow
43. Exploring Nepal and Tibet and Bhutan
44. Learn more about Buddhism
45.Top blogger award
46. Exploring a cave
47. Read a person’s mind
48. Face-reading
49. Stay at a mountain with its natives
50. Exploring a virgin island
51. Visit at least one country in europe
52. Live in a caravan
53. Sleep under the stars on board a ship
54. Live a life of a sailor
55. Win a thousand dollar in a casino
56. Achieve animal talk
57. Work in an almost wild animal conservation site, hopefully africa :)
58. Eat an insect/scorpion
59. Take the trans-siberian railway
60. Trek a mountain
61. Stay in a tree house
62. Skiing
63. Get into a hot air balloon
64. Attend a massive, crazy and fun carnival
65. Be at oktoberfest
66. Get postsecret series
67. Get Paulo Coelho books
68. Open a farm
69. Travel by cycling in any country
70. Setting up a indie travel company
71. Setting up a fabulously awesome cafe that serves popular coffee and caffeinated dishes.
72. Increase awareness of how we can break free of everything!

Finally, always keep dreaming and working towards my dream(s)!
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