Tuesday, July 6, 2010

stop existing, start living!

a tour ain't a way to see a country, its just a way to confirm the notion of those postcard-image of the country that you have. the glossy pictures you saw on the magazines, the tour package of 5d4n with stay at luxurious hotels. is it really worth it to travel so far and spending so much to experience the comfort of your own homeland? this isn't my style. everybody has their own style. we are all unique entities, no point trying to conform to the others. its just turning the whole world into a miserably bunch of people. likewise, going against my style is just going to make me discontented.

i think to define your style for anything, its important to question yourself, what exactly are you trying to find in the process? once you established that, you have to ensure that your acts are truly in accordance with your style. this way, there would be lesser regrets and more enrichment in life. no matter which stage of life you are at, its never too late to start living. neither can you be too young nor too old. just too lost and too blind to see your own truth.

someone once told me that self-help books are superfluous as its mainly common sense. when you start reading a whole range of books on the same topic, you found that to be highly true, the things in it are probably stuffs (i.e. usually law of attraction) that you know but didn't know you knew. thats when the self help book kicks in, in its highly repetitive nature, it will reinforce your thoughts to embarking a journey to self, enlightenment or whatever you call it.

the thing is, people have a tendency to focus too much on their negative thoughts that they have no idea how much negativity they are exuding, which in turns attract more of its kind.

to change the world, you start first by changing yourself.
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