Monday, February 22, 2010

no matter what, i will subsist

sometimes, i think ppl will accept me more easily if i were not who i am today. there will definitely be lesser conflict but does that justify for a change?

the voices drone on in my head: be more ladylike, get a decent job - office style, go for university straight after graduation, go overseas with a tour group, stop bbq-ing my skin, speak softly and the list just goes on. you see how much i have to change if i were to satisfy everybody. i am different and i have changed, ceased to exist as that wimp. so? does that make me a stranger to you?

honestly, will it make everybody happy if i were to fit in the "norm"? and the main point is, does it hurt your every bone to see me behaving the way i am? if not, why are you so insistent in destroying me by moulding all of me into that minature casket?

you might know the answers but you don't know me.

i should be studying. sian..
and i probably spend too much time blogging. yea. no life. whee~
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