Sunday, February 14, 2010

the defence mechanism of a porcupine

you are the sole ranger in this expense of desert. theres nobody to rely on. running away, you couldn't even keep up with yourself. this is how it all seems, a reflection of your preference to work in solitude.

but sometimes, you really just got to help yourself simply by reaching out. you are never alone, no matter how isolated you feel. theres always going to be people who care. if you just observe, even the desert is sprawling with activity every minute.

believe help will be there unless you first choose to shut yourself off.

this, i really got to keep reminding myself. i am weak for i don't know how to express myself. within layers and layers, i hold so dear. i just couldn't bare myself in front of others.

you know something meant a lot to you if it could make you fume and end up in sobs.
what does it take to dream a dream that everyone forbids?
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