Thursday, February 18, 2010

u call this a study break?

hectic week. 4 days of steamboat. from eve to the third day of CNY.
third day went to museum.
fourth day went to SPCA in the morning and after that zoo for interview. and yes! i got in.
fifth day, which is today went to SPCA again. volunteers over there are really cool~ fun to talk to. and thurs SPCA is not open to visitors so we spend our time slacking around. but the staff over there disapprove of our resting strategy thus she find more work for us and chase us away at 1. theres additional family members, kittens!! so adorable (: somebody please adopt them. don't let them grow old in SPCA. not saying that it is not a great place. in fact, lots of people are there to care for and love them. but admit it, it is stifling to be living in a cage, behind those bars. cats are meant to wander around. you can never guess how much one heart cringes when you see them just staring out to the open field opposite SPCA. you know they want to get out but couldn't do much except to hope that some other kind and responsible soul will pick them up. on the way home, saw a group of boys bullying my fav cat. damn them. they should be so grateful that i only tell them to stop bullying the cat. of course they ran off. kids like that could only bully the trusting and defenceless. anybody bigger than them or with more authority or more assertive, they are scared, frightened like a wet kitten, without the scratches and bite of course. they don't even dare.
alright, got to study, haven't been studying. i haven't even touch the book yet. such a spoiler.

ok. not my usual kind of post. but my brain cells are sleeping now. been waking up at 6 these 2 days.

can i sleep?
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