Monday, February 1, 2010

how do you define success?

the success book

the name is super cheesy but its fabulous. it is a free ebook fill with quotes on being successful, in which their definition of success is not being in the forbes top ten. im glad that this is not the case. probably the reason why i love it so much is cause my life principles are parallel with the quotes in it. great to keep reminding myself there are still people out there who are sane like me(:

honestly, this is a mad world, filled with undead and robots. dreams are more of history. memories are the most beautiful things in life. now is never a moment live now but for the future. everybody is trying to be a clairvoyant here, a multi-million one at least.

most likely, people would say i am still living in my dreamland. but i will stand strong in my belief that there got to be more in life than this. i refuse to let my reality be anything less.

two of the quotes that left a deep impression:
"success is living in your own terms, without regrets and regardless of societal achievements."
"success is anything that lives your soul smiling"
and the rest of the quotes are pretty much aligned with the above.
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