Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the garhmen.

what have eroded our creativity? gone are the days when it was infinite, together with the purple apple, the monster that is hiding under our bed and the machine that could do practically anything.

i was thinking the day that you appear. you came and taught us to stay, shake hand and fetch. someone else commented these are not going to work anymore. so you threw in the boogey dance. remember the put your right hand in, your right hand out and shake it all about. you were beaming with pride to showcase our newly attained "creativity". well, i hate to break this to you but its all really nothing new. nothing near the wondrous picture of creativity you paint.

return me my creativity. then again, it could have solely been my imagination, that only tiny strand of creativity i am holding on to. what could i have known anyway. my brain could only decipher this much, just a brat right?

its the same old, same old.

i don't get it. ppl are getting impatient waiting in line when all they really do is to stare at the tv screen every single day. contradictory.
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