Saturday, December 12, 2009

can twilight/new moon get even lamer?

just catch new moon. and it was thumbSSSSS down. i don't even get why so many girls go ga-ga over edward cullen (or maybe robert pattison to be exact), he looks like the chinese opera singer in the show. no offense to the chinese opera singers but it just doesn't work offstage. oh. wait. i think a chinese opera singer looks way better than he does. he just can't pull off the vampire look anymore.
their love story is nothing more than tragedy. i don't see why the story plot make sense. bella is like u leave me, i will die. i going to die for u. go emo. go without friends. do all the reckless (dumbass) thing just to see the illusion of u. edward thinks that its for your own good that i leave you. i want to protect u by leaving u. and if u die when i am away, i will die too. so why not just stay with her instead of this self-sacrificing shit. u think this is very noble. got to make up your mind on whether u want to be with her or leave her.
if edward want to leave her, just leave her for good. so that she can be with jacob. they are so much more better. no emo-ness and they have fun. not forgetting, jacob really hot. not like a piece of sparkling white crap. and bella shut up. you love jacob. why can't you choose, why does the decision maker have to be edward. are you really their pet?
the edwardXbella mini run in the forest in slow motion, looking like they have a very fun time, just look like a cheap imitation of bollywood. oh ya. and they think they can make edward cullen attractive by blowing wind on his face and rolling the film in slow motion. failed attempt. it turns out to be comedy.
cheesy storyline. dying for each other and ended up deciding to live forever with each other. i can't even come out with a worse situation. living with each other FOREVER literally! yea right. they should just die together la. just stop at new moon. why is bella so freaking obsessed with becoming a vampire. cloying love story. puke. u think this is some k drama ar. i didn't pay $10 for this nonsense. why would anybody fall for this plot. its not even consider a fantasy-love story. theres nothing to fantasize about. maybe just the werewolves. they are all so hunky! the only thing else worth watching besides the fighting scene and the comedy (in which u really have to have a low threshold of humour to appreciate it) other than that, its GARBAGE.

i rather read fairy tales a hundred times than to watch another twilight saga. enough is enough
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