Monday, December 21, 2009

i will. am. have.

i have been pondering about who i am.
i can see that i am different.
and i should have known earlier.
being who i truly am
is lonely and disconcerting at times,
for it is a long path in solitary.
i never belong here.
and i don't see the need to be.

but still i don't get it.
why does it always have to be you should, you must and you have to.
instead of i want, i can and i believe.
why can't people just accept me as who i am.
i feel like collapsing through the constant battle
of expanding these rigid societal norms.
don't constrict me. don't attempt to change me.
cause this is never going to be right.

there won't be a he, she, them or you.
its going to be revolving around me.
for it is really about me.
i don't want to be caught in another identity crisis.
a wise man once said
if i be you, then who be me.
so now for who i am, i would be.
then again, who am i?

cold night. cat. wait. return. stay. don't go. please. always.
all i want for x'mas is a maxi dress!!
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