Sunday, December 20, 2009

2 days of sheer joy

volunteer at CDAC over the weekend. i was lucky to get posted to the haircut section, where i get to play with kids instead of doing saikang like most of the ppl out there (:



nowadays, kids are way different. i know its normal for this changing trend but it still is a bit shocking. the generation gap. must be getting on age. one even confessed that he always scold vulgarities due to influence. not cool ya. sec 1. i would say kids scolding profanities is a norm back in my old days but they don't take that much pride into making it a conversation topic right? so similar to one of my juniors.

one of them is so mature, his speech, the way he asked questions. i wonder how do kids these days grow up?

a hairstylist brought her son over. initially, he was so dormant, not like what a kid should be. i started playing with him and guess what, he transformed into a humanoid-version of tigger. bounces, hops, shrieks, squeals, scuffling of shoes, well, basically the traits of a boisterous kid. even played mini catching around the building till he ran into the rain. no good for the kid to be in the rain though i really love it. i don't want to be responsible for making him ill. oh yea, he really loves to sweep the floor. if only i have that bit in me.

addy, or whatever his name is, the hairstylist cum artist (from monsoon) who keeps appearing on mediacorp show, and his lackey were there too to meet the minister. just to put on a show. their smiles are so "post-it-note" style, those that you could tear off any minute without much hassle.
and there this really cute hairstylist. bonus. ^^ too bad he didn't come for the second day. i was actually looking forward.


i talked to this mischievous boy. he called me a 三八, 八婆. lol. so bad! just because i was harmlessly trying to strike a conversation. though so, he was hilarious. a conversation between him and one of the volunteer.
friend: boy, do you have gf?
boy: choy. (normal reaction) i think you don't have bf also.
friend: why?
boy: cause your hair la. (she highlighted her hair blond) and you so ugly (thats exactly what he says) and you are so young.
and he is with this obedient girl, somebody more reserved. she is really cute. kids, they exude charm seamlessly. she waves to me when i am walking around the event.(haircut service is tucked into a nice corner) it is really a good feeling (:

another hairstylist brought her son over. the one from day 1 isn't here today. he displays a similar character trend as the other one though. quiet initially, playing with his psp. then became playful. kids, there always something in them that wish to play, to have fun. why can't we learn from them? why do we wear a veil or a mask to face this world in an attempt to hide our very own desire (even if its a good one)? whats so hard about having fun right?

he is playing with the paper aeroplane. he flies his aircraft from second floor and it actually lands on somebody head. :D he immediately squat (or run away) so as to stay hidden behind the wall. i was laughing so hard, i hope the lady did not take offense. after which, we went to walk to the mini bazaar, hoping to get some food. (it is really only him) when we reach there, i have to disappoint him by telling him that the food is only for those with the coupons. he doesn't give up, he go straight to the staff and tell the staff he would like to get some food (or something similar). i told the staff that he is actually the hairstylist son and bingo, the staff asked me to get some popcorn through the back. after which, the kid actually went to sheng shiong to get more food. really smart. what more can i say~ throughout the day, we played chopsticks, rhinoceros horn-hand game, pepsi cola, mini wrestling, AEIOU, scissors paper stone cum leg splitting game. besides entertaining the kids, i could proudly claim that i have lighten up the adults there. well, i was just having pure fun but it seems the ppl around are enjoying this whole scene. at the end of the day, the small boy shouted into the loud hailer (personally, i love the loud hailer, one of my instrument for fun too^^) and shocked most of the people (hairstylist and me) around him. i almost jumped out of my seat and a girl who is getting her haircut right in front of me sniggers. lol. to sum it all, everything that happens within the 2 days, it will be, great place. great ppl. great fun.

maybe i am not so important, maybe you did not get my point.
but i won't stop trying, i won't cease having fun.
you can laugh at me for doing stupid things,
i will laugh with you and i hope,
in the end, you will laugh together with me.
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