Thursday, April 2, 2009

so, please...

am i still who i am? do i still have what it takes?

why do i feel so trapped inside an hourglass, where all i could do is to watch the trickling sand burys me, slowly taking away my life? yet, i remain hopeful each day, waiting for somebody to turn the hourglass, saving me from the agony.

but, how long will the wait be? waiting has never been mine forte. i need to prove something to myself, promptly. though so, feeling self-content was barely sufficient, i need acknowledgement.

i do not wish to be over reliant but i am not ready to be independent. so, please guide me.
if you see me falter, do not reprimand me, for i will fall deeper. so, please correct me.
if you see that i am accomplished, do not praise me, for i will be overwhelmed by pride. so, please just encourage me.

maybe, i will wander very far off track if i were not being rein in. so, please do not wait till i on the verge of the valley of regrets. by then, it will be too late for salvation. i do not wish to be covered with countless wounds before you notice me.

finally, i will learn to be more disciplined but its exhaustive. so, please be patient with me, for i am silly and disheartening at times.

thanks for listening to my lament(:
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