Monday, April 13, 2009


i did something wrong today again...

attempted to coax someone into stepping a land filled with conspicuous mines but it was done hastily. she is not yet blindfolded by the thing call trust. nobody has ever been so willing to step on those mines as it would only reveals the mess that all try so hard to conceal.

since young, people detest any sight of repulsiveness, and is even more reluctant to be deem as one of the hideous. the uglies know it all and wish they weren't the imperfect imperfect. the beauties sympathise but never being able to emphathise. in the end, people could only spin a cocoon to protect themselves. however, beneath the layers of thread still rest the hideous.

man believed that shadows lurk at night. indeed, many monsters known to man worshipped the night. its darkness possesses the power to proliferate the inhumanity and awaken the unsightly. those in the cocoon have been living in obscurity all these while, and will find themselves being engulf by the darkness some day.

this is a contest to see whose light could burn the longest in its surrounding. will i give in to the dark, or will i sparkle. i have no idea. all i know is one more false move and i will be the one to be surrounded by mines, the one to be disintegrate. no cocoon could save me...

speak with cautious..
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