Friday, April 10, 2009


the hatred, the contempt and the lack of rational thinking.

when people let emotions get hold of them, their actions become illogical and irresponsible. they would not weigh the consequences of their actions. they think they could get away with it, or maybe not, but they just felt an urge to take revenge. each time, these foolish actions would only transpire into regrets. still, theres no getting rid of these emotions. a vengeful soul can reside even in the most frail and innocent looking shell.

but, why would one go through so much hassle just to seduce the devil? more often than not, the devil, with his provocative smile and mellow voice, will whisper and prompt one to have a taste of the "sweet" revenge.

but in the end, she will only find herself in the wrong side of the law...

why do people see the need to complicate things?
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