Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle
very touching voice.
humble, down-to-earth and genuine person.
amazing, suprising and inspiring.
thats Susan Boyle, the biggest hit in town.

she is the new definition for beauty. beautiful person with a beautiful voice. of course, its all from within. one look at her, people thought she is just oh-well-just-another-plain-jane but i promise you she so much more than that. those who fail to see are the people with an abnormally high level of superficiality(cause i not going to be like those i-so-sacred people to proclaimed that looks doesnt matter. people tend to be superficial to some extent, whether you like it or not). those are the people who could only associate beauty with a hot body and bewitching, cute or dazzling (you name it) face.

even somebody with an intelligence of 5 years old could tell that those wont last. people change, character, mentality, figure, looks, in which figure and looks usually won't outlive the other two. unless we talking about comestic surgery, botox, other outrageous chemicals some woman deem fit to be applied on the face and not to forget, those unorthodox methods to stay skinny and young "forever". dont they ever realise how miserable and pathetic they are.

yes, i get pissed off easily whenever i touched on this topic. people who know my past should understand why. well, people just have to be given a big smack in the head to wake them up. some have to look into the mirror before they pass judgement on others facial features. for those who fall into the gorgeous hunks and babes category, congrats, cause looks is still undeniably a vital asset. however, that doesnt give you the right to ridicule others of their natural look. if its the presentation, the dress sense or the foolishness in the face that you are laughing at, its totally acceptable. but laughing at something that couldnt be change, at least not without making radical decision or having to wake up at some unearthly hour, is a sin.

whoever have the power to determine if you are going to be pretty or handsome doesnt grant you the advantage to bully the less privilege. how could one bring himself/herself to destroy the fragment of pride the inferiors hold on to so dearly. do they know how much it hurts. guess they dont. human are able to be differentiated from beast cause they protect and help those who are weaker. those beastly acts of taunting and nasty name-calling, should not be condone.

enough of me. recently becoming such a nag. just look around you, who are the ones that are helpful, kind and friendly without having a hidden agenda?

i don't care if they think i am uncouth or "un-girlish". i am truly who i am regardless of what they think. why do people have to be restricted by social norms. norms are not law to be adhere to, i am not going to let it dictate my life. i refuse!
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