Tuesday, March 31, 2009

pauper and the prince

she was a pauper, who led a frugal live. however, she never let this fact get her cause her passion kept her going. she told herself that a painter is what she must be. you should see how her eyes sparkled each time she received some paper and charcoal. it was as if some spell was casted on her, relieving her of the stark reality. to her, no achievement is greater than being able to capture the moments in life and the beauty on, what was originally, a bare piece of paper. those hands of her seemed to be stolen from a magician, creating wonders by putting down strokes, sometimes heavily, sometimes lazily but always brilliantly, on the canvas.

then something happened to the pauper. something so absurd, that it could only have happened in fantasies. the crown prince of a faraway land, japilano, fell in love with her, or so the prince would say. but the pauper knew, the prince was just charmed by that talent of her, momentarily. the pauper presumed that in japilano, a land so distant that she had never heard before, no girl could draw like her. she was confident cause even the advisor that accompanied the prince was captivated by her drawing.

she never allowed herself to fall in love with the prince. she was certain that the prince would return to his land and his people will expect him to marry somebody capable and of equal status. by then, where will the forgotten pauper be able to go with a broken heart, in a foreign land? theres no way that she will be able to stand in between the prince and his fiancee. the prince will be a ruler of millions but never the conqueror of the pauper's heart.

indeed he left without the pauper, just as she foresee. however, she was never forgotten. years later, the prince invited her over to his palace to do a portrait. she was told by the messenger, that the prince was going to be enthroned as the king. it was the advisor, who suggested to paint this historical moment. if she still had any faith in herself, it had all vanished at that very moment. it was palpable now that the prince was in love with her talent, all along.

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