Sunday, January 3, 2010

resolution 01

besides planning for my revolution, i have also made some resolutions for this year. first one to get checked off the list is decluttering of my belongings. (in which my standard of decluttering is whatever can't be seen can't be considered as clutter) my mom is so glad to come back home seeing that i am actually packing my cupboard. i suspect one of her resolutions is to nag me till i clean my stuff. this theory is not without any basis. evidence below:

mother: hey, i saw your stack of notes in the recycling bag the other day. don't you have to study?
me: neh. no worries. internet is able to provide those information.
mother: ok. if you say so. then what about those junk in your cupboard. when are you going to tidy up? you seldom use them too right?
me: no way! they are in every way more useful than those notes that i just threw away. even if i don't use them, they serve as decors for my otherwise plain cupboard!
mother: ...

back to my resolution, i thrash most of my neoprints. seriously i don't know whats in my mind when i take them. everybody looks so tiny in it, just make the faces seem squishy. not to mention, everybody seems to be fighting for a space of less than my fingernail. pathetic. also, it is a total waste of $$. think long term, say fifty years, i bet i can't see anything in it. camera is way way better invention and i don't have the habit of looking at people photos hidden in the wallet when i bored so might as well get rid of them now. and lots of papers and some useless bulky ornaments got into the company.

i realise something, i am actually a card person. though i think i have never really made a decent card for anybody, i have been keeping the cards of various festivals. looking at them make me feel good, for some unknown reason. maybe i should go back and contact those people, put it in my list of resolution. anyway, this is how the cards look like:


the weirdest card i receive. you would never have guess what it is for.


memories. giving ppl nicknames. love the handwriting.

and some other ancient things that i manage to dig out.

for starters. some praising won't do harm right (:
sec 3

sec 4

and that is as far as the praising goes. sadly.
pri 1

pri 3

pri 4

sec 1

and the ultimate:
pri 3. note the word use. EXTREMELY.

yea. just the word to describe me. extreme. maybe not but oh well. those were the days.
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