Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The test of time

So many words left unspoken,
So many actions left undone.
This thing call time
Is a cruelty
To those who deny it.

Today we might stand young and strong,
In the face of this fork in the road.
Another chapter of our life,
The beginning that lays a curious soul.
Though so, all hope that time will not turn it into a weary man.

May you choose well.
May you find joy in every endeavors.
Remember there are choices
For the path to be sought
And the dream to be pursued.

For this goodbye is different.
It marks the end, but
Hope shall be that it is never farewell.
If this separation is an acre of heartbreak,
Then the memories will bring me a whole plot of joy.

Beyond the horizon,
My name that symbolizes.
Stay I will not,
But remember I shall,
The friends of my life.

We are not alone.
The road, if you could see,
Has been filled with friendly faces
And will continue to be so.
We just got to remember.

Remember the smile that
Brings the friend out of a stranger.
Remember the mirth.
Remember me, my friend,
For I will continue to do so.

But now its time,
The countdown has began.
Fate might chance upon us again.
Path might cross, distance away from this land.
Till then, its goodbye, goodbye my friend.

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