Sunday, January 24, 2010

an eventful day(:

maybe will edit this post. too raw. all over the place. maybe, maybe not. but for now, just some points i noted throughout the day with my dear girls:D

blood donation drive - talk to a 65 year old uncle there. a regular donor, 4 times a year, thats once every 3 weeks. (the shortest possible time span in between blood donation). salute him. he mention that the age limit use to be 60. but since retirement increase to 65, blood donation has to follow the trend too. humorous (:

kuku ulu place in eunos - buy perfume. (of cos it is not for me) realize my nose is not really good at differentiating the scent. they all smell similar to me. oh well, for somebody who loves the "natural" smell, thats not suprising :X

from kuku ulu place to bugis - have a weird encounter. an old auntie suddenly break into a tirade scolding the china people about how they are taking up space and job vacancies in singapore and how this result in jobless singaporeans. honestly, i don't get why she discriminate them like that. since they are here we should make them feel at home. even if you don't welcome them, don't spat on them in public. it just goes to show how narrow-minded you are. as human, we should help each other instead of segregating them base on colour or origin. and yes, i did nothing to stop the tirade. i ashamed of my bystander behaviour but sometimes i just can't help it.

at bugis chapter 2 - went to cut my hair. the result initially wasn't what i expected. it kind of look like the hair gotten from kimage (oh, spare me from the 3 hours). i seek the opinion from my friend by asking her directly if it looks similar. haha, i only realize how awkward it might be for the hairdresser afterward honestly! he is very paiseh from that. maybe i apologise if i ever see him on the street. maybe. but he is so so so cute when he is paiseh. haha. cannot resist guys who are blushing (not those red red blushing but i don't know the word, or is it embarrassed? maybe). just so cute. he is a japanese too, i guess, if the name on the name card is his actual name. add points. but so soft spoken he almost inaudible especially in such a noisy environment, the hair dryers. he cut my hair like his except for the long right part which he simply refuse to cut! only realize that after he style my hair. (probably better if he cut exactly the same) i wonder if that is a trend? lol. cause my friend told me that the other day when she was there, another hairstylist gave 2 of his customers a haircut exactly like his. anyway back to my hair. it is only after i kept looking at the mirror did i realize it is different and i like it (: is actually feeling guilty for treating the hairdresser like that. but if not i can't see the hairdresser paiseh =X haha. thats actually important ok. it is what make him from cute to attractive :D ok. i am weird.fine. and i shall stop making myself seem like i swooning over some random guy. i not ok. NOT. maybe a bit. but that is pretty rare. haha.

thats why i like to go out even if i am alone. you get to see people with all kind of behaviours (:

the oasis is meant for us. far they may seem but never once out of reach. cause where our eyes could take us, our body can. that is, if you can still see.
now now now, for my "to save 800 per month." is that really possible? have to be, cause i really need to go. i hope, please give me a yes.
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