Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life like that!

today is the day that i...
fell, slipped and landed on my butt
was poked, slashed and caked with mud
almost slid downhill

and now sitting at home, i am covered in multiple superficial cuts and extremely exhausted

but today is also the day that i...
recovered from my falls
stood strong against the perils of nature
got in sync with my peaceful side

and yes! all these mean i have made it!!
i have conquered the choo choo track trail that has challenged me last week!!
i have found the abandoned railway track.
by trekking along it, we have reached the abandoned railway bridge.
not forgetting that we have to first go through this mud filled tunnel (it seems more like a hundred elephants have just been shitting in this tunnel. minus the smell that is)

after which, we went to catch a movie, even though i look like i just climbed out from the dustbin :X

will upload photos soon!! next stop: KRANJI/LIM CHU KANG (:
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