Tuesday, July 21, 2009

instant friendship

“hey” a word so commonly used, yet still possessed the power to start the conversation
“so why are u online now?” a question so daft that would be ridiculed by most
and yet they are handy in bridging the connection between us

warily, gingerly, i took the first step on this perilous journey
that seems fraught with difficulties
unstable, like a child who just learned to walk,
always falling, falling into the inevitable drought of speech

by then, i thought i learned that i was just a memory of yesteryear
i wonder how long it would take for me to be part of the background in the photographs,
only a goofy face flashing a silly, indulgent smile,
just a stranger in the oh-so-familiar place

but i was wrong, and for once i felt relieved for my misjudgment
the subject that falls so naturally into both of our vocabulary is none other than “pig”
i guessed that is what u get when 2 stupid minds collide
it actually triggered off a chain of teasing and conversation topics

i don’t know what exactly captivates or entices me to start that conversation
the conversation was lacking in substance and depth
and yet it might be this simplicity that i sought after
or it might be simply just me, not wishing to let go of the past, memories of those 2 weeks

2 weeks, seems so short
2 weeks, could barely know anybody
yet within 2 weeks, we behaved like old pals
and yes, those 2 weeks, are one of the few best memories that i could vividly recollect

might be the fact that we were parting soon that resulted in this “friendship boom”
might be the fact that we knew we only had 2 weeks so we treasured each other
might be the fact that we simply wished to get the best out of the time spend together

i want to experience this again, the exponential growth of frienship
but this time, no time limit, no rigid pre-planned itinerary, no curfew,

i think i am pretty bo liao to start a post on a msn conversation. lol. life getting boring for me.
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