Saturday, October 23, 2010

continuation of the story 2 years ago

it was the first time i heard or thought i heard that the cat cried. it makes you cringe. it whimpers about the despair of being lift up and put down once and one more time too much again and again. maybe i know this feeling too.

but now, all i could see is hope. :D blithe don't have to be shone the light of eternity to have a significant impact. for this short moment of joy, i am willing to go through the tedium, to peel through its layers of sorrow to reach the sweetest and juiciest core i ever and will ever taste. even if i am going to finish this luxurious fruit all in just one shot, it is worthwhile simply to rejoice its tenderness and allure of this moment, the epitome of sumptuous love.

thanks :D

i will smile myself silly to sleep tonight. (if this is ever a correct english express) i don't know cause i am deliriously happy now. hehe!
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