Monday, October 25, 2010

message from rugrats

this used to be one of my favourite cartoon shows. what seems like frivolous humour then is making so much sense now. they are the one who, by their own imagination, build their empire from the simplest tools available, defend their forts with whatever at hand, form alliance with innocent promises of friendships. the adults can't understand their wisdom and thought they are just fooling around. but i say, if i have to give up this obligatory play in life, i would rather not grow up. let me just be in neverland cause for me, this is the best way to lead your life. i choose to lead and not follow. too many people put in blind faith to our external circumstances and ended up in self-deprecation.

cause this is really about an underlying message for me to wake up. if we look back, nobody cares if you are just blabbering nonsense, nobody cares if you don't know anything in the world, nobody cares if you owe nothing else than the diapers. yet, everybody loves you like how the world deserves to be loved.
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