Thursday, September 2, 2010


i realise we all made a huge mistake. we try to brand or label our experiences as good and bad; so much so that, it seems plausible to be judgmental of the lives of others. this is not the way i wanted it to be. i wanted others to accept who i am and what i do instead of being a couch-guru. in contrary, after much reflection, i admit i'm actually trying so much to "guide" others. and forgive me, cause it seems so desirable and second to nature. my belief might be a whole different concept of living however, essentially its still all just the same difference. how could i be so insensitive to want to structure the lives of others; its our choice, our passion, our lives. its our individuality that makes this world a unique whole. suppose say, everyone is to do the same thing, i couldn't imagine that. who would know best but deep inside us? our higher self know what we are cut out to be but so many people just tune out of their spiritual talk and tune in to society radio. thats why we stay stagnant, giving ourselves ample reasons to live life like that. thats why we need self-help books when we are on the process of awakening. thats why some people make an informed decision to break free and embark on a spiritual journey.

thats why i'm telling you that you are right whatever you do as long as you are following your own exclusive, real path and not what the society dictates. (i'm presuming that everyone is born compassionate)

do not upon others that not want others to do upon you.
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