Tuesday, September 14, 2010

thoughts of a 20

if i could change one thing, i say we all conduct our lives like this: dance to the rhythm of the rain, sing the song of the birds, cry when we feel like it, laugh as we should, smile at a stranger, hug someone you love, mend a broken soul, whatever, do whatever that bring joy to us every single day. live without inhibitions for all the goodness is ours to cultivate and earth is really a paradise we've all been seeking since mankind. we could catch the shooting star, hug the cloud and fly with the wind.

believe this is all possible cause we are all special and living in a magical world.


show gratitude to your enemy cause they made forgiving possible
show gratitude to your critic cause they made improvement possible
show gratitude to those skeptic cause they made achieving more worth it
show gratitude to every offensive person in your life unless they inflict intentional intensive injuries or carry out acts of violence on you.


I guess they feel so comfortable being a regular 9 to 5-er. How regular is life when you work all your ass out for something you don't love. Probably as long as the annual vacation your office pan out. Maybe you will find spark during this window of opportunity but most, i dare say, remain in their dream state in this pretense of our world. Our world has been misinterpreted by people using vices to seek out gain from others. Consumerism is what it meant to be successful. Even till now it has been ingrained into so many city dwellers. Trading your life for a LV bag and wallet. How classy. The hierarchy of the nature sprang forth as social status in our world. Maybe we all try too hard to put definition into the works of nature. But I say, we ain't getting it through this way. It has been so for generations whereby the influence is uniform. Not till now, I see an open door of light for us. We can choose to awake from our illusion. We can start a revolution for our generation. Well, its not exactly a revolution but more of a return, a search for who we really are within. For this journey, I'm glad to have my extended family with me cause we are all but regular.


on its last page, mount kinabalu, sabah, malaysia


our job is to advocate love, something education never covers.
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