Friday, September 17, 2010

the greatest risk in life is not taking risks

"the greatest risk in life is not taking risks. We never regret the risks we took on our deathbeds but the opportunities we didn’t seize."

-- Robin Sharma

i was lingering at the park paying patronage to the cat and the bird that were performing a life and death duet. the bird with its vocal, the cat with its stealth. like a moth courting the flame, the bird sings its song of life so proudly it could be mistaken for a death tribute. it alerted the cat who crouch and edge closer to its prey. however, sadly. the cat's advantage of stealth is its downfall too. upon closing up on the bird, it has to stand cautiously on the thin branch that hobbles under the weight of the cat. of course all this movement exaggerated the cat's advancement and warned the bird of its doom. the brilliant bird knows that it is flirting with the death scythe, always making dangerously close approach to the cat yet remain just well within out of reach. flitting from tree to tree, its as if the bird were teasing the inability of the cat. after many failed attempts, ridicules from the bird, and even to getting stuck on the tree (not to mention almost paying a hefty price for miscalculating the distance of the branches), the cat gave up on the lure of its potential dinner. the cast falls away when the curtain draws, the cat head towards a human passageway whereby it might get lucky and be given free food and the bird flies off assuming to its home, calling it a day of fun.

sometimes we got to learn to keep our distance instead of just going in direct opposition with risk.
sometimes we just have to take a break from our constant efforts to prevent from burnout but it should never stop us from trying.
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