Friday, August 6, 2010

life should be a dream

what good does a dream serves should one back up after presented with an initial obstacle. if it were to be like a breeze, everybody would be taking it so lightly. but fact is, people don't realise the true form of our journey, the way the universe works. to segregate the real do-er and those that just pay lip service to their dream, the ego of one has to be thrashed upfront. if one still couldn't fathom this logic, it could be equate to those of a baby step. we stumble, fall and pick ourselves up. slowly but surely, we learn to walk, approaching a sprint, a gait, a chase. we know this since we were born however over time, we lose this instinctive nature due to the fast impact society that we lived in. imagine that, people shot to fame overnight after posting their video on the internet. more often than not, viewers neglect the years of hard work behind it and look at the whole situation through rose-tinted glasses. everything we do got to have an instantaneous impact. but you know, we don't start out to build the biggest, strongest, most mind blowing staircase towards our dream. we start by laying the steps stably, one at a time. climbing up towards our ultimate goal. nothing about it is going to be easy but if we were to survive the beginning hardship, the universe would reward us bit by bit, though with it random bout of test, encouraging us to stick to our resolution.

show me that we are not weaklings that bow down so easily. prove to me that we could all fight with the same passion. then again i don't need to follow, let me set the rules on how i'm gonna do it.
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