Thursday, October 22, 2009

in a swimsuit

venue: downtown east chalet

time: 1900

date: 22 Oct 09

mission: find a way into the room for the hot bath.

dangers to avoid:
- involuntary shivering
- trembling lips
- numb fingers
- freezing of facial features
- acute hunger

- goggles (eye)
- swimsuit (body)
- slippers (feet)
- stitch towel cum sarong (accessory 1)

- stay calm
- call operator for extra keys using dedicated phone in chalet
- if fail or steps given by operator are impractical, lend a phone from stranger
- using the phone, call the person you know as key holder for help
- if all else fail and/or you encounter the dangers as mentioned above, PANIC!! SCREAM!! switch to HYSTERICAL mode!!

lesson learnt: never never never ever go swimming without clothes, towel, soap and shampoo. at least u can change to normal clothes and not suffer from the freezing weather and sticking out like a sore thumb. best is to bring handphone or the key along!!
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