Saturday, October 10, 2009

bye bye sling! hello broken bone~

during check up
doctor: ok. as you can see, your bone has not yet joined back. do you still feel any pain?
me: erm. so you mean it hasn't been healing? no. there is no more pain.
doctor: you can see from the previous x-ray it is not connected but today, you can see a slight connection. however your bone is quite firm.
me: so i have to live with a broken bone??
doctor: you have to come back next month for furthur monitoring. for your case, since the bone is not affecting your movement, i will advise you against the operation. as you know, we will be putting in metal plate and screws to straighten your collar bone. however this operation does not have a 100% success rate. the bone might not join back and over a long period of time, the screws might come loose and the bones might still shift out of place. the only guarantee is that you will have a long scar on your right collar bone and you will be able to feel the metal in your body.
(metal plates and screws. iron man? gulp. if that is the case, will i set off the alarm everytime i go through airport security? and i have to explain i come in peace?!)
me: ok. if that is so, can i start doing exercise? like swimming? and basketball?
doctor: yes, actually i will recommend that. so that you can see if your arm is causing you any inconvenience. please start light.
(at this point, i think the doctor is trying to say, " yes, go ahead. so that you can better decide if you want an operation anot cause i think your bones are not going to join back anymore. well you just have to learn to live with it.")
father: so can she still go for aikido training?
doctor: yes, she can do that. she can't break her collar bone anymore since its already broken.
(horrified~ this could be translated to: there is a very small chance now of her bone joining back since it has already been 1 and a half month and we see only slight improvement to her condition)

doctor seems to be high or inappropriately cheerful that day.
anyway lets hope miracle do happen.
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