Thursday, October 8, 2009

i miss you, you and you

it has been a week since they left but still, i miss them. how could it be, when we spend only 2 weeks together. 3 years, 3 classes. however each experience is unique and it never fails to amaze me. the rapport we established, the jokes we cracked, the tears we shed, the memories we shared. how nostalgic.

i miss them.

hentai mama and papa - thanks for all the dances and entertainment even though we are suppose to be the hosts

and their kodomo.

ichiban - very decent guy. he is hilarious when he quarrel with hentai mama. nice chap too!
yosuke - always get tricked by us! and those exaggerated response. its cool to know him
atamae bakemono (not sure of the spelling) - minasan prince charming, mr elegant until you see him eat. lol.
chao bai chi - their most active kodomo. hyperactive!! shake head vigorously. m m m m.
alien - too bad i only really talk to him on the first day. he thinks i am scary. haiz.
every year classic bakahiro - thanks so much for bullying me at the train station. i have to take a train ride alone all the way from tanah merah to queenstown just because he doesnt let me in! of cos i get back at him by doing a "disappearing trick" on his bag and not to mention those little stupid things that we do. hitting each other head, shaking coke. what the hell~ ijimeko, ijimedareko!

and my dearest grp 4!!
monkey, chicken little, gucci, papa aka ice kachang, ichiban, sleeping king, and my no buddy- shingaporu-jin. will you remember to come back to your home? a-ne.

cherish your friends, relish every moment together. even if one day they have to leave physically, they will always be part of you. somehow we are partly who they made us to be. one day we might lose what we have worked so hard for but at least we have gained this much once and we be grateful. so don't be afraid of going after something for the fear of losing it. we never know till we try.
i am happy to know you guys, the people i met, even though i never say it.
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