Thursday, September 10, 2009


she supposed this is how it all ended, alone. no farewell, no well wishes, no hugs and no tearful faces on the platform. might just as well be the better ending to all of it. at least theres no lover to whisper a message that could only be everlasting in memory, no family member to promise to return to and no friend to exaggerate the sorrow of departure.

Settling down to the vacant window seat, she gazed at the serene village that rest at the foot of the mountain. from where she is sitting, she could see men carrying their tools, heading out to work, and women annoucing the start of the day through a whole list of chores. she could almost hear the whistling of the well-built man. the frivolous giggling of the young girls replayed in her mind. it was as if she had extended her stay in the village, like she never had left. or perhaps, she was never part of it, thats why, nothing changed and everything went on just like she was never there.

no, she reprimanded herself, shes not going to lose herself in the the village once more. instinctly, she tightened her grip around her battered suitcase and sunk deeper into the stiff seat whereby the worn leather was causing irritation to her exposed skin. it must have made her look paranoid and strung-up but at least the sense of touch pulled her mind back to where she was physically.

for what seemed to be eternity, the train finally chugged off from the station. the villagers continued with their routine lifestyle, she struggled to get past it. however when the train departed, she had moved on. now, she savoured the playful wind, the distant smell of an ocean and the transition of landscape. from that moment, she could see her life unfolding and her dreams taking shape gradually. though they are still vague but its no longer a total unknown. and this time, she promised herself that she sticks around long enough to see how things will pan out cause this moment is when it all truly begins.
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