Saturday, August 1, 2009


"Fear is only in our minds,
Taking over all the time.
Fear is only in our minds
but it's taking over all the time"
- Sweet sacrifice, Evanescene

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear."
- Mark Twain

people have different fear threshold. but how to change it? how to limit fear to its minimal? how to alter a person perspective to ones benefit? how to do it right?

humour, wisdom, persuasion. tested negative. seriously lacking that ): somebody pls implant those to me!!
wouldnt it be better and easier if everything could be kicked off with a bit of emo-ish, wallowing in self empathy, disregard for the future. shouldnt that suppose to worry ppl who cares, but their blatant display of indifference and apathy make me feel like shit. what? it doesnt matter anymore that i not satisfied with my current state. it doesnt matter if i cant achieve my dreams. it doesnt matter as long as i stay safe under your wing. it doesnt matter cause u wont be reading this.

i so distorted inside that i dont even recgonise myself anymore. i so frightened of my thoughts. i am being made a prisoner of them, to contain because of the physical inhibition u administer on me. but guess what, now i in a fight or die mode (ok.. too extreme. maybe just spiritual death). pull the last breath out of my nothingness or aid me towards my greatness.

"You can’t hold me down..
Nobody’s gonna stand in my way
Give it up, I’m doin’ this my way
Nobody’s gonna stand in my way
Give it up, I’m doin’ this my way
Out of my way"
- Out of my way, Seether
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