Sunday, May 2, 2010

my mind just loves to keep itself in knots

stupidity is a word used by those average person who couldn't grasp the imagination of a dreamer and couldn't fathom the wonders of reality. what do you think people say to thomas edison when he vow to light up the world? so too applies to the wright brothers when they proclaim that they will conquer the sky. look what happen to vincent van gogh. little appreciated his work during his lifetime, sold only one out of his mammoth collection of work. live life as a miserable guy, died as a depressed man but today, he is a legend. he is a talent, so as many man today would say. (for i not one to appreciate impressionistic art. i don't even know what the hell is that. i just google his name) his name gets carried across the globe like currents of the sea. still, i wouldn't be wrong to say he is stupid if we try to commensurate his life according to the "fundamentals" of modern society. his is an obsession, so persistent in his pursuit that many would say he is being irresponsible. for all hell cares, he is not earning a stable income (i think), definitely it won't suffice for the retirement, the freaking massive house and all the material possession that many deem as must have. the story of vincent van gogh exemplifies not all achievements could fit into the social norm, let alone being in the "smart" category.

thereby, it is correct to say that there is no stupidity in this amazing world. just another way of accomplishing stuff. its creativity, its the "stupids" who move this world for they don't care about the judgmental stare of those "i'm-so-smart" people. they are the one who dare to try new stuff. honestly, if you are smart just by following the proven and tested, how smart could you be? you are not thinking, not moving out of your own volition. you are just stepping onto tracks that have been left by millions. wow, millions, that really doesn't put you in good light, did it. its like, you are smart, yea, like the other millions on this earth. you are of the same level of intelligence as so many others, so you probably the average? i meant smart generally, not just book smart. i used to be book smart (not those smart smart smart smarty pants but not too bad. and i'm not boasting. haha. maybe just a little. just let me be self-indulgent in my contradictory nature) but what happen? it didn't last. there's no differentiation in intelligence, everybody unique with their own niche in this world. you can be good at this but know zilch about the other. don't stop just because people say it won't work. what the hell do they know?

if you still don't stand by my viewpoint, you are truly idiotic. just kidding. alright, bad joke. probably not a strong argument too. honestly, i don't care (:
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