Thursday, March 4, 2010

oh, what a stupid thing to do

the buckles snap tight around my calves. through the grills, one could see that it is not going to rain, not today. i have to leave the comfort of the cooling indoor air and battle the sweltering heat. yet there is anticipation as i lock my gaze at the furthest end of the road that the window would permit me to see. i push myself away from the sofa, feeling at least two inches taller. gliding towards the door - on the way, i pick up the bottle that would be so essential in building up my defence in this battle with the heat - i fumble through the set of keys to find the exact one that fit into the keyhole. stepping out, the uninviting heat pervades my body as i felt the drastic change of temperature of the environment.

we persevere on through the heat, feeling the perspiration on our forehead and back. the element of thrill is overpowering the need for shelter. soon, we reach a straight slope, in which i believe i could conquer it. (slope is actually easy, there's just certain risks involved) cautiously, i roll myself off the safe edge and down the slope. i started to pick up speed. increasingly, the only thing i could control was the direction. there is no way i could control the speed. just like a rolling snowball, i just kept going, faster and faster. greater and greater i become.

it is at least 4/5 down the slope and all is smooth (as i said, going downslope is actually easy) till i spot 2 construction workers standing at the mouth of the small road?/carpark?. instinctively, i know i have to stop immediately, before i reach the place and some monster truck turn in or come out from the road and squash me flat. split second decision, there is no luxury of time to be speculating about how my body will be minced under the truck. i couldn't have slow to a safe speed before i reach the road as i am going too fast. i could have fell face flat on the ground and knocked my teeth out if i try.

however i manage, equipped with my critical thinking and observant skills - within a snap of finger - to stop my roll down the slope. flat down on the floor i become. i have use the gravitational force of the fence, that stood ridiculously unaffected over me, to stop my roll, just like how a snow ball disintegrate when they collide into a tree. using the softness of the banner to absorb some of the shock. the residue impact of the collision has sent me flying off and rolling on the floor. the bottle of water flew from my hand and synchronize its roll on the grass with me on the concrete surface. the duet. thanks to my speedy reaction, now i have got a cluster of bruise (around 7) on my left thigh, bleeding right knee and scraped right elbow.

so what they say is true. 厉害就好,不要假厉害。
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