Tuesday, May 19, 2009


these few days. saw some SLIGHTLY interesting stuffs -

. a small kid aged around 4-5 bang into the HUGE PROMINENT wall while playing psp (thats why kids shouldnt play with psp. they wont even know if they got kidnapped)

. a feminine boy with a tote bag sashaying with vigourous butt swaying and hand flicking (wonder how he will grow up to be)

. played basketball and actually found a 笑点 (thanks to 笑点 that was one of the most fun basketball match ever had)

. left hair line seems to be retreating thus change to parting at the right side (know it wont be very obvious cause only one person notices)

. saw an ang moh that actually resembles DAVID COOK!! not as handsome but still charming and drop dead gorgeous (cant help staring at him)

. thursday will be going back to school for mp briefing/talk (whole day off. whee!)

so currently leading a mundane life. want to learn alot of stuffs!
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